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6 June 2004: Added the new article- The Joy of mosaic

20 Marth 2004: Added the new article- The thought perspectives

29 September 2003: Added the new article- Conflicts of the known

16 August 2003: Added the new article- An existence of unconsidered

 25 July 2003: Added the new article Reality repesentation

18 July 2003: Added the new article Introduction to the Method and the draft of the Reality repesentation

23 May 2003: Imosaic's project changes the method of discussion. All previous articles are replaced to the archive. Both with the new interface of the Web page, added the new article Reality characteristic and changed the project introduction About the project

20 Apr 2003: The new interface of Imosaic's Web page

4 Apr 2003: Expected reality is a new article

1 Mar 2003: Ground for expression is a new article

9 Feb 2003: Form characteristics is updated in articles

9 Jan 2003: Measurement unit is updated in articles

17 Sept 2002: Happy Birthday for IMOSAIC












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