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Phenomena observation:
If the some aspect of the nature is not considered, it is a not evidence about the nonexistence of this aspect; the effect of this aspect exists, and may be obtained and represented.


Phenomena explanation:
Until the nature is not considered, it can not be measured and represented as coherence of the thought interaction. But sequence of coherence interaction to obtain the nature effect is exists and can to be represented.


Unknown is not defined but received representation is defined and remains inside some measurement boundaries. Therefore the received appearance of reality is evidence about the measurement structure in a current step of equilibrium.
The known about the reality appearance exists inside the some measurement structure, in the outside of the measurement structure exists is unknown.
Thus the difference between unknown and known in a possibility to form the measurement structure.
How it is works in the human mind? We consider the think as unlimited possibility and unknown element.
Human body used by some measurement parameters reacts on the changes in the external and internal environments. Aristotle enumerated at least five senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch but the modern sensory catalogue includes more then five senses.

· Five senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch
· Hot, cold, pressure and pain (by human skin)
· Kinesthetic sense (by sense organs in muscles, tendons, and joints)
· Balance or equilibrium sense (by vestibular organs of the inner ear).
· Blood pressure sense (by receptors within the circulatory system)
· Hunger and thirst sense (by receptors in the digestive tract)

Convergence of thought interactions under reaction on the sence is forming the structure. There is known exists inside the structure and hence the thinking convergence under some effect receipted as the knowledge.
Convergence of thought interactions inside the imagination is flexible and fluid. In general, the abstract structure of imagination formed under the effect of memory. The thinking convergence related to body is a more structured because the knowledge related to the sensory reactions.
The united structure of the imagination and the body senses it is not provided the fixed and ultimate form of reality appearance. The thinking convergence in such structure may cancel and rebuilt the fixed structure of the known, and from the other side to change the structure to the new with the other known.


When the known exists inside the structure, is it possible to reach the knowledge from outside this structure? Until the known exists in the certain structure, the area of the knowledge is in the possibility of forming the new structures.
The united structure of the human opens this prospect of knowledge in the different composition of thought interactions and possibility of conversion to the some structure is accessing the state of known.


Conflicts of the known

/Sep 29, 2003
by Imosaic, email:


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