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Mosaic compositions appear to people in a variety of ways. A variously colored small pieces of material like a stone, mineral, glass and tile is dancing together to become one image, changing structure from the various locations of observer with a joy of color of each tile when the light hits it.
Pieces of mosaic are formless, unknown and anonymous fractions of the design are completed a composition. Mosaic compositions cannot be reassembled on the basis of the individual pieces forms is always assembled to the patterns and then to the composition by the human imagination.
Every direction of observing is a like a study is forms to me the various possible situations that comes to be source of the knowledge. Any relation to this knowledge with agreement and disagreement invites to explore the tile connections, follow the coherence of the thought interactions; change the place of observation to find and learn a new language for characteristic and explanation of the reality.
An effort of the human to combine the mosaic, to find the continuously expression of reality is a source of nomination of the reality composition by a various theories and doctrines. The nomination of reality forms the mosaic's unknown and unformed fractions, to the patterns are almost ready to combine to the reality composition.
There are ready patterns, but also the formless, anonymous and indefinites pieces of mosaic are used by the human imagination. These unknown pieces of mosaic are possible to change, reform and renew the well-known composition of reality. Renew of the mosaic composition of reality, comes with reforming of the nominations, rebuilding of the theories and characteristics of reality, changing of the human imagination and coherence of the thought interactions.
We follow the forming of mosaic composition, expression achievement, the coherence of the thought interactions to explore the creation of the knowledge. Creating of mosaics and a feeling a sense of freedom are comes together with the processes of knowledge achievement, exploring after the unknown pieces and a coherence of the thought interactions within an expression of reality.
Our inspiration comes from the possibilities of reality expressions and from the quest after unknown pieces of mosaic inside the mosaic compositions of reality, allows us to introduce the research. The Articles, Reviews and Guest Recensions published by Imosaic follow the path of renewing and changing of the human reality.

Imosaic invites you to discovery and find the unknown pieces in the reality expression.


About the project

//May 3, 2003
by Imosaic,


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