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Phenomena observation:

The object's nature assumption is coming without the measurement i.e. characterization starts from visual front toward to the thought perspectives.


Phenomena explanation:

The visual part is not enough for characteristics and it is received definition by interaction between thoughts in non-visual perspective.



Thought interactions are not forming the field and reality characteristics in the one point of feeling or by single thought. A characteristic of reality appearance required an intervention of various thoughts.
The shapes of all the parts and their interrelation are participated in the representation of the composition characteristic. Coherency of the thoughts is extending from some selected point to the perspective construction.
In the viewing the observed only front of surface of the object, but imaginary picture received in the system of geometric perspective of lines. The perspective of lines is located outside of the visual observation, but thoughts innervated in the reality characteristics are completed a composition of appearance.
The appearance is reality is not same with the entry to reality i.e. in the reality the perspectives of the appearance can receive a new characteristics after the observation. The previous invisible perspective lines validated by observation and perspectives can receive new characteristics.
When the perspective not receives the new characteristics after the validation and remains unchanged, the appearance of reality will be come over the entry. The unchanged perspectives newer need to be approved by the vision or other type of validation. However, the function of vision exists but the vision not inserts the new perspective or changes an existed.
Generally, assuming that appearance of reality is same with the entry to reality will ignore the process of validation and keep the unchanged characteristics of the perspectives. Also the body functionality and feelings will be entered in the some boundaries corresponded to the unchanged or regular reality characteristics.


Observing of appearance of reality as characteristics of the reality continuously connected to the validation/ignore process. The process is defines both in the body functionality and human behaviour.
The receiving of appearance of reality as reality means to know how to keep the perspective of reality appearance unchanged in their characteristics and to ignore the changed perspectives.


The thought perspectives

/Mar 20, 2004
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