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There is almost known that the reality expression represented in the art is symbolized the personal conclusion about reality appearance. This is also reason of the claim that the reality expression it is not a science because it subjective.
Firstly, our goal is to explore that the reality expressions of the classical sciences like physical or chemistry it is the part of the general method of reality appearance representation. We shell observe the reality expression without the entering into the purpose and functionality. Our observation sometimes may be perceived as a philosophy discussion in our exploring the level of the trust of the reality expression.
We start with claim - the reality it is not objective, the peoples participates in the same events of the life may have a different reality description. When the reality is not understanded as common to all, it seems to be in different appearance to everyone. Now we have already come to beginning of philosophy discussion relates to the difference between "appearance" and "reality", between what the things seem to be and what they are.
Using by a various measurement forms changes the entries to connections of thinking and modifies the appearance of reality. The reality appearance represented in discussions relates to the thought connections and construction of measurement parameters.
Transition from common reality to the different to everyone appearance representation starts with the question: "How come the represented reality appearance?" Which measurement units and coherence thinking are used for some representation?
Received formulation of answer relates to the exploring the level of the trust of represented reality appearance and modification on the measurement structures toward the new forms of reality appearances.
The steps listed below will help to systematically investigate observations that can be tested with the some method. The method used by Imosaic is a one of the forms of Scientific Method. This method has four steps:

Phenomena observation - reality appearance representation.
Phenomena explanation - formulation of tentative assumptions to explain reality appearance.
Discussion - formulation of the measurement structures of existing of some certain reality appearance, exploring the level of trust.
Conclusion - modifications of reality appearance with the changing of the measurement structures.

In the exploration of reality appearance coming as a tentative assumption represents the some model of argumentation. With the checking of the level of trust the construction of representation and the measurement structures will be rejected or modified. The predictable power is given in modification of the measurement structures with the new representation of the reality appearances.
The articles in Imosaic describe the cycle started with representation of the reality appearance and the measurement structure and finished in measurement modification and renewing of representation.



Introduction to the method

//July 18, 2003
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