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Form characteristics

9 February, 2003

  As result of new relations the information is processed to the coherent picture. The form of the information adaptation still is not received and characteristic or measurement unit in "migration".
  The form still has no characteristic, for example "tall" is vague because this contexts doesn't have a bright line, which is separated it from "not tall". Vagueness of the form characterization remains until the contexts "tall" is not separated from "not tall".
  When we separate the common (neutral) context we receive a difference, which gives us the possibility for characterization of the coming forms. This difference can be used as unit of measurement.
  Generally, the process of characterization is represented in the declaration: "I can characterize everything when I find the line of separation".
  The line of separation formulates the characteristics of "tall" and "not tall" relays on the definition of measurement unit, which participate as reference for the characterization of the reality.
  We receive a coherent picture, when the line of separation is established and this picture reflects the characteristic of the reality. The reflection of the reality can explain human behavior.
  Human evolves different patterns of behaviour in response to this reflection of reality. The variety of these behaviour patterns is such that they can be used on both sides of an argument concerning, for example, whether or not to receive the reality.
  Characterization according to the current line of separation comes with response to this reality by behaviour expression like physical, emotional and mental. Availability to respond on this reality doesn't allow to change it characteristics and line of separation. This situation of responsibility is one of the sides of happiness and may lead to satisfaction.
  Impossibility of responding moves the line of separation toward the new reality, which reflects the human responsibility. Characterization of reality and reaction on the reality always deal with a vision of the line of separation and a way of the coherent picture being received by the human.
  Investigation of this separation line and result of the receipted characteristics will be discussed in the next articles.


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Form characteristics

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