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The human representation

27 December, 2002

  In his life, human tries to characterize reality and determine the expressions for world around him. In effort to do this human determinates appearance of the things around and himself.
  In appearance, the form is represented as structure related to the various determinations. Structure of relations between the points of determination allows us to building of coherent picture.
  The various human reality representations depend on the availability of determination and relation building.
  In the above description is considered fundamental operation of the picture building. Each picture has non-fixed number of determination and the different connections are possible. Therefore, the undefended number of possible pictures comes to be limited by the human.
  Let us try to imagine a device that receives unlimited possible pictures in input and selects a finite number of coherent pictures. What general form such device take?
  Our device has unlimited possible states of determinations and connections in input to build the pictures and therefore unlimited possible pictures in output.   Generally, the device performs an algorithm that "limits" the number of received pictures and produces a finite number of pictures in output.
  The algorithm limits the possibility of determination and connections gives to the picture the certain type of expression.
  For the human expressions, the limiting algorithm implemented by a finding a way for the limitation of the determination and connection possibilities. If connection comes from abstract thinking, determination comes from body availability like to hear, see and smell. Both for connection and detection is limited in effort to the expression of certain type of the picture.
  There are two ways to release the picture expression, the way of detection and way of connections; both of them will be discussed in the next articles.


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The human representation
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