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Measurement units

9 January, 2003

  Expression of the picture of reality is connected to the way of measurement or consideration. In the picture of reality the things come into view with characteristics and terms used by person.
  More than one aspect of reality appears when observer characterizes it with different terms. The measurement units (terms) give miscellaneous description and characteristic of reality. And the introduction of coherent picture relates to the using of measurement unit.
  English language has been using for explanation to the reality and consideration of reality by the parts of speech. Without entering of the complex structure of the English grammar, let us stay on the participation of noun, adjective and verb in the building of coherent picture.
Noun - part of speech for determinations
Adjective - part of speech for characteristics
Verb - part of speech represents the coming act. This act may change relations to determinations (noun) and to consider about new characteristic (adjective).
  If the reception of reality is possible therefore I can get to it the certain description and characteristics. Also the new characteristics are coming within the act of changing the relations to determinations.
  Inside this act of changing, can I come to consideration is allowing to satisfaction? The answer may be yes, but any other relation changing will also come with satisfaction.
  How to get this satisfaction during this act of relation changing? Is it the new characteristic (after relation changing) will be associated with satisfaction?
  Characteristics or measurement unit is receiving from current relations "migrates" to the characteristic as result of coming relations. In this migration changes relations, determinations and measurement units.

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