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Expected reality

4 April, 2003

  Vision quest is an essential part of a people initiation into reality. Along the life the human was sent out in order to gain some sign of the nature of reality.
  Upon receiving these signs he receives indications about the success, goodness and evil and seeks the religious or scientific understanding to help in the vision interpretation.
  Religion or science is using these sings to find the composition of reality to accompany the human vision. Insofar as human is receiving the signs every moment continuously, also the process of accompany the human vision is changed.
  No place to guarantee to the spirit of the man, to the human nature that he will comes with this accompaniment continuously if he newer find satisfaction, self-realization and self-fulfillment.
  In the previous article ("Ground for expression") the clear determination based on the vision and forms the ground for reality expression. The journey of the human, guided by the vision toward the expected reality step-by-step.
  About this steps we shell discuss in the current article.

  There are some conclusions about (connection and determination) from the previous article ("Ground for expression").

1. Connection and determination are forming a composition.
2. Composition allows an expression.
3. Expression converted to determination.

  A reality characteristic is conclusion about determinations and connections. The expected reality construction (based on the currently used ground of reality expression) should be minimize the vague and provide the clear and well understanded respond to reality.
There are two questions about the expected reality construction may be asked.

  The determination question
For currently used connection, which determination will give the expected expression of reality?
  The connection question
For currently used determination, which connection will give the expected expression of reality?

   The questions deal with crossing from currently used relationship between detection/connection toward the next relationship inside of expected expression. Relationship between detection and connection in the next step will get the answer on the clarity needing in the reality characteristic and in the behaviour argumentation.
  Each reality expression may be used as determination for the following reality expressions. The connection question is asking about using of this determination for reality expression and about type of connection to compose the expected reality.
  This composition establishes the next step in the reality expression and the moving is starts. Way is continues until the composition the every step will get an answer on clarity needs and achieve the expected reality. This way has to provide enough determinations to compose the expected reality. The determination question has been asked in order to find these determinations in the way of expected reality composition.


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Expected reality

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