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Ground for expression

1 March, 2003

  A view of the universe in dimensions and depths can be disclosed within the personally expressions. This expressions to the certain reality converts to the human behaviour.
  A person who comes to the world is always looking for the ground of reality expression is enough for the man's personality. This ground must be with a particular depth to form a reality expression.
  A universe relates to the whole of a man's personality and requires the totality in human determinations. This human determinations (related to personal attitudes) taken from the body responding, from various denominations and conclusions, is connected together to give a ground for expression.
  Imosaic's is developed the human expression based on idea of the ground for expression and represents it in the follow diagrams.  

  The form without characteristic is a vague. Vagueness of the form characterization remains until the contexts "Y" is not separated from "not Y". This difference gives the possibility for characterization and determination of the coming forms.
  The body availability to hear, see and smell gives us the separation and determination of the vague, but the body determination not enough to compete the form characteristic.
  Connection comes from abstract thinking completes the characteristic of the form when determinations comes also from memory, various denominations and conclusions.
  Complex of determinations then connected and integrated to the reality characterization, which come to be a ground for human expression.

  The process of characterization of reality always deals with vague. The human is looking for the clear determinations to minimize the vague and build the characteristic, which will be converted to a ground for the expression of the reality.
  The human behaviour will take a fuller and richer dimension when the clear determination based on the vision and forms the ground for reality expression.
  Concept of an evolutionary process is coming with clear determinations will be discussed in the next articles of Imosaic.


   Part 2
Ground for expression
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