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From nothing, from unconnected, separated and distributed thoughts, thoughts without direction, without purposes starts the unknown and unexpected mix of material is used for mosaic building. We're collecting the thoughts, waiting for thoughts coming, inviting them, asking for them and looking for them. When there are is not enough thoughts we're dreaming them and observing them in our vision, breathe them with the air to listen them from the heart beats.

There is one thought brings other, group brings other group and goes on in the unfinished sequence. Sometimes in the mix of the thoughts is observed some picture and in the next second it is disappeared and replaced by a new. Some of appearances are ignored and forgot, some of them selected by the vision to continue the sequence, to bring the new thoughts and pictures.

We observe and expect them, form and destroy them, love and hate them, remember and forgot them. The life is and all that about the life and more, more, more is inside this substance of the thoughts. The mind it is a limitation factor comes to the substance to build the pictures, to select the sequence of events and insert the unlimited variation of thoughts inside the certain boundaries.

When the picture is not limited in the certain form, then the picture variation are observed by the mind to be inserted inside the boundaries. The variations are exists in perspective as a different form's phases and the mind defines this perspective is named the time.

The reality appearance is reflected by mind by the limiting the substance, but the form changing leads the limitation process toward the perspectives is possible to limit the variations.

Mind organizes the perspectives to limit the substance. Perspective is cannot observe now then the mind forms it as viewing to the coming condition. Then when the mind defines forms changing and uses by perspectives, the represented reality appearance will reflects the conditions.

Linear reality appearance (stability) will be still the initial condition are used by perspective remains same. But in the some situation the conditions are changed and perspective and represented reality appearance are reconstructed.

This moment of reality changing is more problematic and sometimes leads to the human suffering. Understanding of the contrasts and contradictions in reality appearance demands to leave the ignorance and to enter to the processes of creation the reality appearance. When the mind limits the thought substance, creates perspectives represents the reality appearance and both observes, learns and changes the conditions, redirects perspectives; observes, learns and reforms the reality appearance.



The Joy of mosaic

//May 14, 2004
by Imosaic, email:


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